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PHP cheat sheet

Whether you have been within the C# programming business for years or just a few months, its impossible to learn every code in the book. Sometimes it takes longer to dig up the code you need through monotonous research processes then to actually use them.  So here are a few I have put together for your future reference that should make your work run a bit smoother.

C# cheat sheet 1

C-Sharp Cheat Sheet by Jon Skeet is a free reference sheet available for...

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PHP cheat sheet

Whether you have been within the programming and web design business for years or just a few months, its impossible to learn every code in the book. Sometimes it takes longer to dig up the code you need through monotonous research processes then to actually use them.

So here are a few I have put together for your future reference that should make your work run a bit smoother.

PHP cheat sheet 1

Dreamincode is a free reference sheet available for download with no cost...

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If you are a web designer or are familiar with designing sites then you will also be familiar with cheat sheets – like the cheat code to your favourite video game that unlocks hard levels and finds sneaky short cuts, it plays a valuable part within web designing.

Especially if you are a newbie, it makes your job far easier when learning reams of new information and can be used for future reference as a memory aid.

So this post will look at some of the top Css cheat sheets on the internet market such as...

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With a whole directory of web design companies at your fingertips, it can be hard to discover web design agencies to weigh up and have full confidence in using.
Here are some tips to take on board whether you are looking at finding a web design company in London or on the other side of the world. If you are looking for web designers to help take your website to a whole other creative level, then here’s what you need to watch out for:

Look for referrals
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If you have an iPad and are in need of some assistance, software or some downright inspiration for your designs then look no further.

Did you seriously think Apple wouldn’t have created an array of bespoke Apps befitting the professional Web Designer?

Well if you didn’t know about these wonderful Apps…. Let me introduce them to you (After all formalities never hurt anyone!)



Ever got that winning idea and no one is around to see it? Well Punultimate is always there...

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The functionality of a website should run like clockwork

There are many things that its best not to jump into head first, for example the shallow end of a swimming pool but a more relevant example would be that of web design.
Many companies may have impressive looking websites but whether the design or concept fits in with the websites goals is a completely different story.
Therefore it is important to think about what you are setting a website up for, is it to promote products? Sell a service?
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Take a bite into Apples SEO Apps

28 Feb 2011
Search engine optimization(SEO)

Companies are crowding around the iPhone, all waiting in line to use one of the many possibilities that this product holds out for them – to be the next ‘big App’ everyone can’t stop talking about.
Since Apple produces products that merge interactivity, sophistication and innovation into one communication device, making it the perfect platform for a brand to attract an audience base, it should come as no surprise brands are keen on jumping on the bandwagon. Especially if they can take an active audience on the ride with them.


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individual headlines

I attended a writing class last week which opened my eyes to a completely different way to create effective copy. I don’t know if you have tried this before, but the trick is simple. When we were given the task to write a story in six words I thought it was a test and someone was expected to provide an answer which reasoned it was impossible.
But as crazy as it sounds, short, six word stories are not only fun to create but effective when reading them back.

Here is...

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internet on an iPhone

In order to survive the fierce fight between brands, you constantly need to be one step ahead in order to stay on top. Differentiating your own site from the sea of other companies in your market segment may be difficult but NOT impossible.

What many are not thinking about is how the design of a website can make a difference on wireless devices.

If you are a web designer, it is more then likely you know the ins and outs of how to...

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how to write great content

When you market your content effectively, your readers will automatically be drawn to view your site as a reliable source. Capturing the interest of an audience is simple if you keep your content compelling and mind catching. This will give your community of followers a reason to start a discussion about the product or services you are promoting.

But how can content be marketed effectively?

As soon as someone sees an advert is being pushed down their throats they will instantly be...

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variety of words

Never underestimate the power of simplicity. Many writers on the internet love going into intricate details, proving readers with lengthy explanations for things that can be sold to them in one short paragraph.

Several reason that they cannot get their message across briefly so have to embellish their sentences with fancy words and phrases that are not really needed.

I’m going to demonstrate the importance of this point by highlighting a popular song – Tina Turners ‘simply the best’. What it have been such a hit if...

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facebook   Facebook- otherwise known as the goldmine for marketers, brands or companies looking to sell to an extremely large audience. But it is often debated that the social networking site may even becoming too powerful for its owners. To think about the vast amount of people in the world Facebook has gathered and saved personal information on, it is to no surprise it has broken several privacy laws in its time. However are Facebook monetizing the goldmine they are sitting on? It’s safe to say not to the extent of Google or certain other internet companies...

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(Image courtesy of: Genyre)

It was only the other day when I was commenting on YouTube videos, Expressing my excitement for artists on MySpace, writing on incoming Facebook statuses pretty much all at once was it that I realised how much of my time spent on the internet is filled with conversation.
Who would have thought that in this technical age, social networking would play a dominant role within communication to our fellow humans? But let’s face it; we all love a bit of chit chat.

But why...

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Even informative signs can be jazzed up to grab the audiences’ attention

(Image courtesy of : bakati and trendhunter)

Business writing has a reputation of being boring. It is the left over liquorish in a box of chocolates that everyone seems to shy away from. But I found out something very interesting about copywriting for a business online or offline that has altered my perception. You see, great writing should leave an impression no matter what the tone...

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For those of you who have seen Inception, you will know of the architect’s role to design the world of the dream. With no fancy gadgets involved, the incredible detail within the architect’s interpretation of urban landscapes inspired me to think… “Nolan has dared to turn the art of structural design upside down, literally.


 Why can’t the same be done with Web Design?”

Obviously any practice must abide by rules and conventions to some extent, but web design can be creative if the brief allows, down to...

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