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For those of you who have seen Inception, you will know of the architect’s role to design the world of the dream. With no fancy gadgets involved, the incredible detail within the architect’s interpretation of urban landscapes inspired me to think… “Nolan has dared to turn the art of structural design upside down, literally.


 Why can’t the same be done with Web Design?”

Obviously any practice must abide by rules and conventions to some extent, but web design can be creative if the brief allows, down to the designers style and visions.

So here are some short and snappy tips that you can try out (if you dare) and you may end up with something fresh, new and exciting!

1) TRANSFORM your layout- the normal grid format of displaying content and images can look neat, but inventive? Maybe not. This will help your web page look contemporary, injecting your page with energy.

2)  Make the background image stand out – enhance you website with a large background photo, almost filling the screen of the page. Remember to keep them visually appealing and bear in mind the desired impact you want your website to create on the prospective viewers.

3) Scrolling a different way - instead of vertical scrolling, horizontal can give you web pages a magazine reminiscent feel, something a bit different to what viewers are used to.

Remember… not every piece of web design you create has to be normal…

(Image courtesy of: Environmental Graffiti and Fresh Home)

If you are a creative firm that relies on the originality within your portfolio of work, then investing time in reflecting this throughout the pages of your website can be a worthwhile investment. Make the style match your brands tone of voice and the  effect your web design has on others can be far-reaching .

Has this post given you any new ideas? Have you tried any ways of making your website stand out from the crowd? Let us know your thoughts!

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Anthony began writing poetry at age 15 (now 22) and has never looked back since. His intense passion for writing led him to take an English and Communication with Creative Writing degree at the University of Hertfordshire which he completed in May. Afterwards, he decided to utilise his creativity and writing skills to pursue a career as a Copywriter; subsequently joining DotPeak


#1 written by Web Design Classes
(01 February 2011 09:57:27)
Awesome article.... great explanation and cool pics. Some of the most important tips to be used for web designing. Thanks for those tips.
#2 written by Melissa Hudson
(08 January 2011 15:05:16)
Thanks alot for the feedback guys! Keep the comments coming!
#3 written by S Blakely
(06 January 2011 14:24:51)
I love the ideas regarding the use of images and the examples you've used. Very fresh and quite artistic. Thanks for the inspiration :-)
#4 written by Nate
(06 January 2011 13:13:44)
I've seem some dull and boring websites in my time, these are some really good suggestions to make peoples websites new and exciting. Good article!! I hope people take you advice and add a bit of life to their websites!! p.s - its a good movie to!!! Nate
#5 written by Accora
(05 January 2011 19:53:06)
Brilliant ideas Melissa. Very creative indeed.
#6 written by Rachit Arora
(22 December 2010 18:43:12)
Well done Melissa!! Really like your pics.
#7 written by Sk Website Designer
(19 December 2010 00:35:52)
Good article Mel, Making a movie like inception or a design that stand out from the crowd is not easy. It needs time, creativity and passion. SK
#8 written by Roma
(17 December 2010 23:33:21)
Cool pics :) I saw inception and loved it! Some really good tips on web design, some really good info on this site

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