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Even informative signs can be jazzed up to grab the audiences’ attention

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Business writing has a reputation of being boring. It is the left over liquorish in a box of chocolates that everyone seems to shy away from.

But I found out something very interesting about copywriting for a business online or offline that has altered my perception.

You see, great writing should leave an impression no matter what the tone of voice your brand or company embodies, whether it be serious, informative or humorous. From one extreme to another, the art of a writer is to not only ‘craft’ good words, but to discover a story that is worth being told to the audience and erase the needless chitchat in between.

If you are more creative with the technicalities of web design and want to broaden your horizons to business writing online then just apply these tips to get you off to a flying start:

  1. Start in the middle – avoid inviting the reader gently by creating a beginning to your story or article. Chuck readers into the deep end and they will be hooked from the very start. Give them a reason to read on.
  2. Write the way you speak – business writing online tends to be informative and serious. Organizations feel it is necessary to inject complex jargon into their copy to get their point across. However this only comes across as inhuman. Realistically, would we speak like that to our colleagues or friends?
  3. Keep it short but sweet – the shorter the writing the greater the impact that will be left on the reader. If you need to write larger chunks of text however, try and seamlessly weave together a number of shorter ideas (sentences) to make the writing seem snappier.
  4. We all love a good surprise- every now and again include something the reader is not expecting. You want your copy to stay on their minds and so your business becomes memorable online or offline.


Would love to hear your thoughts! Do you think these tips can work? What works for you when writing online?

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Anthony began writing poetry at age 15 (now 22) and has never looked back since. His intense passion for writing led him to take an English and Communication with Creative Writing degree at the University of Hertfordshire which he completed in May. Afterwards, he decided to utilise his creativity and writing skills to pursue a career as a Copywriter; subsequently joining DotPeak


#1 written by Web Design Agency India
(05 April 2011 06:48:58)
You have some really creative ideas here. I will defiantly be trying some of them out and will let you know how I get on.
#2 written by Melissa
(16 February 2011 01:05:05)
Glad to hear you have enjoyed the ideas. Please do let me know of your progress! Would love to hear how you get on.
#3 written by John Delaney
(05 January 2011 19:57:24)
You have some really creative ideas here. I will definatley be trying some of them out and will let you know how I get on.

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