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It was only the other day when I was commenting on YouTube videos, Expressing my excitement for artists on MySpace, writing on incoming Facebook statuses pretty much all at once was it that I realised how much of my time spent on the internet is filled with conversation.
Who would have thought that in this technical age, social networking would play a dominant role within communication to our fellow humans? But let’s face it; we all love a bit of chit chat.

But why is conversation important for you and your business?

It enables you to establish a relationship with your audience, giving your website brand new content. This great method, especially if you are making a business online, can be employed as a content marketing strategy as search engines love it when they see your website is topical and littered with up-to-date information.

But what makes a good comment? Here are some important factors:

Keep it brief- the longer your comment is the less people will feel inclined to read it. After all you do not want to appear too involved in your own opinion.

Add a dash of humour – A giggle here and there brightens up everyone’s day. In the past when I have read comments that have made me laugh, the point made has stayed in my mind for longer showing what an impact it can have.

Make it personal- when you relate a comment to yourself or your own experience, people will always appreciate it more and connect to what you are saying.

If you are a commenting pro, you will need no help mastering this art I am sure. But have you considered the possibility of a smoother process when writing your opinions?

A potential solution to help strengthen the social online community is commenting systems which have successfully been able to make this process a breeze for its users. Here are some of the features they can include:
  1.   Integration with the big social networks on the web like Facebook and Yahoo.
  2.   One time log in when commenting on multiple websites
  3. 'Connections' combine social elements from around the web, even if you are Tweeting or adding those comments to your blog.
  4.   There are a variety of settings at your convenience when you download a commenting system such as ‘RSS feeds, browser support, captcha tag and advanced IP banning’.

Here are a few popular systems for your perusal:
KickApps Comment System.
SiteLife Comments


Speaking of comments , lets hear yours! Would you download a commenting system? Do you prefer reading comments or writing them?

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Anthony began writing poetry at age 15 (now 22) and has never looked back since. His intense passion for writing led him to take an English and Communication with Creative Writing degree at the University of Hertfordshire which he completed in May. Afterwards, he decided to utilise his creativity and writing skills to pursue a career as a Copywriter; subsequently joining DotPeak


#1 written by Melissa
(16 February 2011 01:06:10)
Hi Nathan, yeah reading comments can be very interesting to gain different perspectives on things. Hope it helps. Thanks, Mel.
#2 written by Nathan
(07 January 2011 14:24:26)
Hi Melissa, good article theres some really good points in here I can learn from! I prefer to read comments myself but your've given me some good tips for writing them thanks! Nathan

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