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Facebook- otherwise known as the goldmine for marketers, brands or companies looking to sell to an extremely large audience.

But it is often debated that the social networking site may even becoming too powerful for its owners. To think about the vast amount of people in the world Facebook has gathered and saved personal information on, it is to no surprise it has broken several privacy laws in its time.

However are Facebook monetizing the goldmine they are sitting on? It’s safe to say not to the extent of Google or certain other internet companies are. I am surprised to think they have not leveraged the mind full of data they posses to create successful advertising ideas or offerings.

Even their new advertising activities have seemed to cause a legal upheaval as they allow companies to use people’s status updates that feature their brands name in and pay to turn that status into an advert on Facebook.

With Facebooks history of fairly ineffective advertising should mean that when it’s done properly, it can be seen from a mile away. You can learn how to effectively master online marketing via Facebook to captivate a vast amount of users and attract potential customers.


The perfect audience base- the facts talk for themselves:

-         there are over 350million active Facebookers

-         the standard user spends 55 minutes the social networking site daily

-         Over 1.6 million Facebookers have created their own fan page.

 So make the most of Facebook with these tips:

1.      Write regularly and keep it fresh!

fresh content

Getting viewers to your page is one thing but keeping them there is another. When you add fresh content, you are keeping the readers interested and giving them a reason to come back and read what you have to say. Keep this up on a regular basis and your online marketing strategy will be in full swing!
Here are some things that worked for us:
  •       Feed any new post that you upload on your blog and publish it straight on your Facebook wall.
  •       Ping is perfect if you want to conquer all of the social networking sites in one go.

2.      Attract some newbie’s!  

attracting new customers

Your wall on Facebook is a valuable marketing tool which allows you to connect and create a personalised relationship with your customers. But it is important to remember that newcomers can feel out of their depth when first clicking onto your page. Ease them in gently by sending them a welcome page which introduces them to your brand and make it obvious why it’s important they should become a fan. This way seems friendlier and far more welcoming.

3. Chuck in a little incentive with competitions 


introduce competitions and prizes

This fantastic technique of attracting fans can give someone strong motives to joining your page, especially if prize appeals to them. From personal experience, competitions have always drawn me to become a fan of something. I love the social interaction around them, the live updates from the company alongside announcements of winners with a picture (even if I didn’t win!).

This is all a fun, interactive way of building a community centred around your brand.

But a word of caution, Facebook have enforced new guidelines that mean brands will have to before promoting a contest, seek approval from the board of Facebook judges.

4.      What’s your USP?

Unique pear

The key to success is offering customers something they feel they cannot get anywhere else. You can do this by promoting offers or incentives such as free shipping for fans, or money off vouchers for fans! Make the fans feel as though they are a cherished part of your brand and this will build on their loyalty.


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Your thoughts...

What’s your opinion on online marketing via Facebook? Do you view Facebook as an effective marketing tool? What techniques have you tried that have worked? Would love to hear your comments!

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#1 written by Des
(18 February 2011 15:06:09)
This is a very interesting post. I have not yet ventured into Facebook marketing but it looks very promising indeed. There is so much potential, as you mention. Thanks for the ideas. In particular regarding fresh content and having a USP. Definitely a must when competing with the big boys :-)

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