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In order to survive the fierce fight between brands, you constantly need to be one step ahead in order to stay on top. Differentiating your own site from the sea of other companies in your market segment may be difficult but NOT impossible.

What many are not thinking about is how the design of a website can make a difference on wireless devices.

If you are a web designer, it is more then likely you know the ins and outs of how to make a website usable, accessible whilst catering for the needs of the target audience.

However, many designers spend little time ensuring the website is built in such a way that it retains the five star quality it encompasses on a normal computer when it is used an iPhone.

Why is this so important?

The population of iPhones is spreading at an accelerating speed and is not just limited to working adults. Step onto a train, look around you and you will see a wide array of people from all different age groups using this innovative product.

iPhone increasing sales

A survey revealed that ‘7.3m people accessed the net via their mobile phones’ and ‘23% of the UK’s mobile phone users now use their handsets to access the internet’
Plus with mobile networks bringing down the prices of internet usage in contract deals, it is no wonder owners cannot help but make the most of this convenient service and surf until their hearts content.

If you have seen an iPhone in action, you will notice you can expand the web pages to make the text easier to read. It is important to note that as the iPhone uses Safari internet browser, extra work has to go into making sure the website is usable and compatible the browser. And with some of the most impressive websites such as Jiri Tvrdek, Sensisoft and Level 2 Design, it is apparent designers have intended the websites to be used for certain platforms which is constitutes the effort put in by designers.

The question is this- what have you got to do to make sure your site’s quality does not get devalued on an iPhone and can be browed without any glitches in the same way as on a computer screen?

Things you should take into consideration:

1) As the screen is small, the iPhones software automatically alters the size of the columns, making them almost impossible to read without changing the zoom. Many users get bored of constantly having to zoom in and out, so a column which has a long height of text may be an improvement.

2) Make sure the URLs are as short and succinct as possible. Entering long websites can be a lengthy, boring process. So try and keep them short.

3) You will notice that websites especially tweaked for usage on a phone will have the content and header first and underneath, the navigation. This makes the user experience far more enjoyable and less strenuous. See some examples at

4) When using images, choose wisely. They should be small to cut down on download time therefore your audience will not have to be kept waiting needlessly. Whilst big, eye catching images may draw attention, more often on a small screen they simply get in the way. The audience want to access the information your site is providing them. So try to keep images as small as possible and stay away from putting large pictures at the top of the page.

Remember, if the user is having too much trouble, they will go elsewhere.
There is usually one chance to gain their loyalty and preference…so don’t miss it. Take into account these guidelines when you design your website and it can enhance the impact a website has on a user. Above all it will affect the customer experience in a positive way, making them want to re-visit your site.

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What do you think?

Do you feel that it is important for websites to be tweaked in order for them to work more efficiently on an iPhone? What do you find most frustrating when browsing through websites on your phone?

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#1 written by Melissa
(28 March 2011 22:29:01)
Hello, thanks for your feedback. Yes, procrastination is such an easy option! I struggle with that too. But it feels like an achievement when it's written and a pleasure to read. I'm sure once you get started you will complete it in no time. Keep reading the blogs as there are more articles on content and copywriting to come....
#2 written by interior photo
(22 March 2011 23:14:05)
I'm glad that I've found this blog. Oh, this was a really qualitative post. In theory I'd like to write like this too - taking time and real effort to make a good article... but what can I say... I procrastinate alot and never seem to get something done.

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