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The functionality of a website should run like clockwork

There are many things that its best not to jump into head first, for example the shallow end of a swimming pool but a more relevant example would be that of web design.
Many companies may have impressive looking websites but whether the design or concept fits in with the websites goals is a completely different story.
Therefore it is important to think about what you are setting a website up for, is it to promote products? Sell a service?

Here are some great goals to set yourself if you are in the initial stages of setting up a website:

  1. -State what you want your site to accomplish
  2. -Set a measurable target to reach
  3. -Shape the websites development around these goals and improvements to ensure the sites performance reaches its maximum potential.

Here is a quote that sums up why it is important to know your web design concept, which I’m sure many have heard before - ‘form follows function’. It slots into the context of web design like the missing piece of the puzzle as logically the visual elements of the website must match the websites purpose. Or else the primary reason you set up the website will be pointless.

So which side of the coin are you on? Do you feel the beauty of a website is the result of flawless functionality or do you believe the aesthetics comes second, behind how the website functions?

I think its all about striking the right balance, you see a website solely designed from a functional perspective may be reliable but uninspiring. As humans, we naturally look for the beauty in things and we are more attracted to beautiful things, viewing them as better, even though they may not work as well or be functional.

Why do you think there are so many sayings encouraging us to let go of this mentality when it comes down to making judgements on things or other beings based purely on visual beauty for example ‘Never judge a book by its cover’ or ‘its on the inside that counts’. So websites attractiveness is extremely important to hooking on to the emotional side of the customer.

But to avoid becoming carried away with creating a visual masterpiece with flashy images and an attractive structure, the designer should ask oneself ‘what facets of the design don’t serve a purpose and should these be eliminated?’ to ensure the right balance of form and function is reached.

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What did you think?

Do you agree with the statement ‘form follows function’? Do you think functionality trumps design?
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