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PHP cheat sheet

Whether you have been within the programming and web design business for years or just a few months, its impossible to learn every code in the book. Sometimes it takes longer to dig up the code you need through monotonous research processes then to actually use them.

So here are a few I have put together for your future reference that should make your work run a bit smoother.

PHP cheat sheet 1

Dreamincode is a free reference sheet available for download with no cost in involved. The only things that are involved are you need to know cheats for syntax and details for common tasks.

PHP cheat sheet 2

This sheet of codes at Digilife has short cuts for important elements of programming such as:
Regular expression syntax, date formatting, PCRE modifiers, function argument orders and much more.

PHP cheat sheet 3

You will find everything you need from shared hosting to serving files on this sk89q cheat sheet.
Plus click here for the detailed, comprehensive version which contains security problems you may come up against when constructing website applications, especially ones that are built in PHP.

PHP cheat sheet 4

The GoSquared PHP sheet provides you with an extensive knowledge for the basic codes when doing PHP programming.

Last but not least… PHP cheat sheet 5

Hyperpolyglot is a side by side reference sheet which contains all of the big scripting languages, one of them being the infamous PHP so be sure to check it out.

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What do you think? 

Have you ever tried any of these cheat sheets? If so, were they helpful? Which ones would you suggest?

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#1 written by php course
(05 December 2011 11:35:26)
Good work Melissa, I think these cheatsheets will help in my php course.

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