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dotPeak Quality Management Policy

Next Policy revision date:     1 June 2011

Commitments to Quality

dotPeak maintains a Quality Management Policy to ensure we continuously attain improved customer satisfaction, a stable customer base and improved efficiency; identifying problems early and rectifying them to minimise costs.
This statement represents dotPeak’s general position on Quality Management issues and the policies and practices we apply in conducting our business.

Action Plan

An overall approach to quality management is essential in developing and maintaining a consistently high quality in service. dotPeak implements quality management in five main business areas: 

1.    Strategic management. This includes values and aims and effective leadership.
  • dotPeak constantly reviews its long-term goals which are reflected by clients’ needs and financial growth.

2.    Industry standards management.
  • dotPeak ensures that every website design conversion & integration (into xHTML, CSS & image based assets) complies fully with Bobby/WAI accessibility standards and The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) authoring standards. We use W3C valuators and guidelines to constantly ensure all web projects are developed to the highest possible standards.
  • We endorse the use BSI best practice guidance on commissioning websites that deliver digital inclusion, which means that they can be used and accessed by anyone, including disabled people.
  • We ensure that our websites and web applications (e.g. dotPeak CMS) can boast optimal user experience and are always user-friendly

3.    Operational management. This includes aspects of planning for improvement and using staff effectively to support improvement strategies.
  • We uphold our Quality Management Policy across the business at all levels of the operational management.
  • We clearly identify both clients’ and dotPeak’s rights and duties at the outset of business relationships. This is usually done by signing a legally binding contract for a specific project.
  • dotPeak’s 'process map' (Project Plan Scheme) describes a website design process in terms of its key elements, and identifies the parties that are involved at each stage of the process.
  • dotPeak ensures that the needs of our customers are clearly understood and met through close liaison at all stages of the work.
  • Our staff is appropriately trained to enable them to undertake their tasks. They are also given appropriate authority within the scope of their responsibilities.
  • All our staff and contractors have extensive industry experience and follow quality assurance processes tailored for web projects, as defined above.
  • dotPeak provides sufficient resources for its staff to facilitate generation of ideas, work and social interaction. We have staff bonding events and celebrate business as well as personal achievements.
  • dotPeak operates as a small business, where contributions of every staff member are appreciated and where all members of the team are encouraged to express their ideas and suggestions on how to improve the business and customer service.
  • Since the start of business dotPeak never had a contract terminated for poor performance, or any contract where damages have been claimed by our clients.

4.    Resource and financial management. This includes how resource management and financial management support improvement and maintain high-quality services.
  • dotPeak especially aims to ensure the effective customer support service regarding any services provided and the continuity of each project (whether website, print, design, SEO or other work) from the beginning to the end, in close communication with clients.
  • All appropriate documentation is maintained, controlled and archived. This includes business and employment contracts, insurance policies, our official Policies etc.
  • We always submit annual return to the Companies House, as well as VAT and corporation tax to HMRC by the given deadlines.
  • Since the start of business, dotPeak has always met the terms of its banking facilities and loan agreements.

5.    Performance monitoring and continuous improvement. This includes the systems used to promote, support and maintain continuous improvement and to assess performance in services provided.
  • dotPeak has a dedicated member of staff responsible for collecting performance data, including client testimonials and feedback.
  • We issue targets for each process improvement project;
  • The dedicated member of staff performs a regular review of performance while the improvements are being implemented.
  • We include a more detailed review of the performance when it stabilises.


Complaints under this policy should be raised with the Managing Director who may take advice and, if appropriate, implement change.
No person or supplier who raises a complaint is to suffer detriment as a result of raising the complaint.

Availability of the Policy

A paper copy of this Policy is kept at the dotPeak’s headquarters.
This Policy can be made available upon request to customers, suppliers, the local community and other interested parties. It is displayed on our website.

Responsibilities for Implementation

It is the responsibility of senior management to ensure that this policy is implemented throughout the organization.
It is the responsibility of the Managing Director to ensure that this policy is properly maintained and up to date.

Policy Review

This Policy will be reviewed annually to ensure it remains current and reflects our business practices.

Other Policies

This Policy should be considered as part of a set of policies that include Environmental Policy and the Health & Safety Policy.